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Winterpercht Getting amazed by - lets say - depressive blackend metal is not that easy for me. Too many bedroom bands cannot play a single straight note. But Deadspace is one of those projects you have to listen to! High quality musicianship, an unique atmosphere somewhere in the fashion of Gris or Sombres Forets, really ghastly shrieks and awesomly played guitar soli.
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El_Cuervo These depressive Aussies are truly an overlooked gem. Gravity is just as beautiful as it is desperate, seeking solace and shelter on each track with quiet and reflective passages closing each track.

One of the best black metal releases of this year. Favorite track: Life.
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released September 15, 2016



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Deadspace Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Birth
Born into darkness,
I cry as the air burns my splintered lungs
I am my father’s bastard son

Thrown into the flames
Before I speak a word
I’m begging…
For escape

We are all, born in blood
We will all, die in mud

Oh mother, won’t you feed me
I have inherited the gluttony of man
And I’ll walk upon nails
Until blood paints the sand
Track Name: Life
My shadow fades
Life has left your horizons
Begging for escape
I’m breaking the silence

Like this derelict cunt of a world
I’ve made my place, under a makeshift sky

On the dirt, so dry and cold
Amongst all other vermin
Drowning in the cum of the so called father

Like insects we live, so briefly
Drinking the blood of mother earth

A paradox to marvel
The pain of survival…

The nausea in my guts
Tears at my bowel walls
And I am appalled by the sickening fact
That I came from the same cell as this putrid species

I refuse to exist among the likes
Of slimy shitworm scum

My light is warm
You’re as cold and foul
As the shrieking cry of midnight rape

I’m breaking the silence
Track Name: Death
All you ever see, is all I’ll ever be,

The limits of my being are meaningless to me
The being of my limits is broken by my dreams
Like lovers, we sleep in the gone and feast in the now.

Believe, believe
There’s more to this than atrophy
Because only the weak drown in the pond of vile creation

So many sleep while they’re awake

Like the day I was forced into this fragile place
I am naked and vacant in the wind

Believe, believe
Track Name: Rebirth
Shrill, the cold aftermath of her warm embrace,

The backlash of the heart race,
These fires flirting in our eyes

She sees me, reads, needs me
But I am nothing at all

We live in longing forever
It burns right through me
All consuming

We live in longing
Bleeding in ecstacy